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January 2016


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


February Meeting Agenda

  1. Doors Open at 6:00 PM
  2. Welcome any new members or visitors
  3. Financial report from Fred Juergens
  4. Club Member Surveys: Joe Van Norman
  5. Demo: David Macintire will show us what we can do with our club’s web site.
  6. Break
  7. Challenge: Bring in a turning which you have embellished with fire, paint, or carving. Dennis Clayton will lead the discussion.
  8. Show, tell, and ask: Dave Hiller will lead the discussion.
  9. Raffle

 2015 27th Annual Woodcarvers & Woodturners Show
27th Annual Show photo
1-Dec $5,309.81
Sealer $25.00
Dues $1,050.00
2nd Harvest $85.00
Postage donation $10.00
Total Rev $1,170.00
Website $39.96
Video Equip $75.49
Xmas Food $29.59
Show Posters $40.78
2nd Harvest $85.00
Offices Sup $21.44
Total Exp $292.26
Checking $6,187.55
Equip Fund $156.83
Total Funds $6,344.38

John  Jordan
Badger Woodturners presents
John Jordan
Saturday, April 23, 2016:  Demo and Discussion
April 24 & 25:  Hands-On Workshops 
John Jordan has supported his family for twenty-five years as a woodturner, from Cane Ridge TN, putting his two children through college.  John is known for his textured and carved hollow vessels.  His work has received numerous awards and is in the permanent collections of many museums including the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian, the White House in Washington DC, and the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.
John sums up his teaching philosophy, “My emphasis is on teaching techniques for producing work that involve using simple tools and methods, to gain complete understanding of material and tools, along with control and finesse. This approach is preferable to complex methods and brute strength.”
John has demonstrated in at least forty states for clubs, universities, woodworking shows, and art shows. He has made multiple teaching trips to England, France, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia.
  • Saturday Demo:   John will demonstrate his hollow form turning carving and texturing techniques.  In addition he will discuss safety, lathe maintenance, tool sharpening, wood and tool selection. Lunch will be provided.
  •   Sunday Workshop:  Bowl and hollow form turning.  Students need to have basic turning and sharpening skills.  Blanks will be provided for each student to practice bowl and hollow form turning techniques.  Lunch will be provided.
  •     Monday Workshop:  Hollow form turning, carving, and texturing.  Students need to have basic turning skills.  Blanks will be provided for each student to turn a hollow form and practice embellishment techniques.   Lunch will be provided.
Please sign me up for the following:
                Saturday Demo:  $25.00 before 4/10/16 ($30.00 at the door) Saturday, April 23, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Sunday Workshop:  $125 (Limited to nine students) Sunday, April 24, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  Monday Workshop:  $125 (Limited to nine students) Monday, April 25, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM 
Click Here for signup flyer

Badger Woodturners Meet at
 6:30pm the first Tuesday of each Month at
Madison West High School 30 Ash Street Madison, WI 53726
In the woodworking shop
for more information